Use the Universal Adapter with your PLS laser or even a non-PLS laser, to move your points and lines incrementally at distance.  This versatile accessory fits onto a tripod, batter board, magnetic wall bracket or use as a floor base.  Included...

Included with HVL100, FT90, and HVR505R lasers. Designed to increase the visibility of laser lines for interior projects.

The basic PLS floor stand is an included accessory with our PLS 5, PLS 4 and PLS 3. The floor stand keeps your laser tool off the slab or sub straight and allows easier visibility of the laser down point...

Standard rotary laser aluminum tripod.

This basic, strong magnetic wall bracket is included with our PLS 5, PLS 4, PLS 3 and PLS 2. The bracket increases the portability and stability of the laser tool when changing the location of the laser on metal studs or other surfaces. 

This pendulum target is your secret weapon and partner for fast, simple layout of square on slab when using your PLS 5. ...

The PLS 5 HVD laser detector is a true multi-tasker partner and can even be used for exterior layout of square on slab in bright sunlight. 

5/8-11 X 1/4-20 Threaded Female to Male Tripod Adapter.

Floor stand that comes in the PLS 3.

Use this exclusive PLS detector to capture the lines of the PLS 4, PLS 180, PLS 360 and HVL 100. This detector cannot be used with rotary lasers or the PLS 5. 

Available for Red or Green lasers.

The PLS Grade Rod is 16 feet in length and is inlcuded with our “kit” package for our rotary laser. 

PLS wall/ceiling bracket is designed to support the PLS 360. This bracket has 3 inches of adjustment and will hang on a nail/screw or can be clamped to ceiling grid with a spring load clamp.

PLS Elevator Tripod adjustable from 26-Inch to 114-Inch. Made for Interior work and works with all PLS Lasers. Includes an adapter that converts the 5/8 X 11 thread to a 1/4 X 20 thread for maximum utility.   

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