Best Laser Level for Electricians

Use of laser levels by electricians have been growing in popularity because they help save time in installing electrical conduit and fixtures. As different tasks may require electricians to layout plumb verticals or level conduit or fixtures along a wall, we recommend the PLS 6R as the perfect laser level for electrical work.

The PLS 6R is a combination point and cross-line laser that combines the plumb points of the PLS 3R and the cross line of the PLS 180R. The same functionality is also available through the PLS HVL 100 and PLS 480, though the top plumb point will be the intersection of the vertical cross lines.

One of the biggest time savers will be using the PLS 6R’s plumb points when installing ceiling fixtures, light fixtures, or floor to ceiling conduit. Rather than completing complex measurements on the ceiling, often requiring two people and a lot of readjusting ladders, many electricians will layout the ceiling fixtures on the unfinished floor then transfer those points easily to the ceiling using the plumb points.

The PLS 6R can help electricians save time when installing vertical or horizontal conduit and lining up outlet or panel fixtures. Instead of making multiple measurements, determining level by holding up a bubble level, and making multiple marks, simply turn on the PLS 6R vertical and/or horizontal lines, line it up to the desired mark, and begin the layout or installation.

Ask about the PLS 6R wherever you buy Fluke electrical test and measurement tools or at your favorite tool supply shop!

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