Customer Success Inspires Pacific Laser Systems Innovation

Ambroselli graciously spends time with Fluke product manager sharing insights about our latest products the PLS 180R and PLS 180G

“We work to deeply understand customers’ needs and create solutions that matter,” Fortive Corporate, the parent company of Fluke. This customer-focused mentality from Fluke’s corporate leadership model flows through our veins.


Pictured above, new Fluke employee and Product Manager for the PLS team, Tracy Montanez, is speaking to the owner and two employees of Ambroselli Construction at a job site in Manhattan, New York. Tracy spent five days in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area speaking with distributors and end-users to understand what PLS can be doing better, honoring our corporate commitment to understanding our customers and creating solutions that matter.


The team from Ambroselli spoke to Tracy about the performance of one of our legacy products they are currently using, gave feedback on a new product Fluke will be releasing soon, and lastly, provided valuable input on an all-new product that is set to launch in 2020.  If it wasn’t for customers like Ambroselli Construction, we would never progress forward in our new or existing product lines.


It doesn’t end here. Ambroselli Construction is one of many PLS customers, and Tracy wants to hear from all of our PLS customers. Whether it is to talk about a legacy product, new generation product, accessories, or just ideas, he is here to listen. You can reach him directly at


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