Pacific Laser Systems (PLS) launches rugged new laser level platform

The 11 new models of laser levels offer superior protection from dust and water and feature bright, crisp beams for improved visibility in any construction environment

EVERETT, Wash., January 7, 2019 – Pacific Laser Systems (PLS), a Fluke company, introduces a new product platform — including 11 new point, line, and rotary laser levels — with improved durability, accuracy, and performance. These new professional-grade tools are engineered to meet the demands of often harsh construction environments while easing interior and exterior layout work. The new lasers provide bright, crisp reference points and lines for quick and accurate layout, helping to complete projects on time.

“We’re updating a majority of the PLS laser level offerings to meet the needs of workers on the job site now and into the future,” said Lewis Nelson, product manager at PLS. “The new products replace most existing PLS laser levels to make them more rugged and durable while maintaining high precision. They’re great for daily use on the job site and we expect them to last a long time.”

Included in the upgrades are design and engineering changes to make the tool more dust and water resistant—and built tough enough to withstand a one-meter drop test. A new pendulum lock on the handheld tools, for example, lets a worker protect this moving part during transport to avoid potential wear, thus increasing longevity.

“These additions make what was a good tool even better,” Nelson said. “The new case structure is also more durable than the previous version.”

Rather than launch small sets of tools over time, the platform change allows the product line to be upgraded all at once and enables laser level owners to take advantage of common accessories, such as the floor stand, wall mount, and the all-new UB9 Universal Ceiling/Wall Bracket. The platform also allows for the addition of new features to benefit customers in the future.

Another key addition is customers will be able to choose whether they want a red or green laser level. All models except the H2 red, horizontal-only rotary laser will be available in red or green.

“Laser level users in recent years have shown a preference for green lasers,” Nelson said. “Studies have shown green appears up to four times brighter than red to the human eye, which makes the lasers more visible on the job site.”

In addition to replacing most point, line and rotary products, this launch includes three entirely new models: the PLS 5G five-point laser in green and the PLS 6R/6G combo laser that replaces the PLS 4. These are all new laser levels in the most-popular handheld category used on construction sites and in facilities around the world.

PLS laser levels are backed by a three-year best-in-class warranty with same-day replacement by local dealers to minimize downtime on the job. For more information on the new PLS laser levels visit

Pacific Laser Systems, a Fluke company

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