Why Use a Laser Level?

Why Use a Laser Level

Due to the construction boom in major cities across the country, there’s a lot of quality construction work to be done in a short timeline and on a tight budget. With little room in the budget for rework, saving time and labor is crucial to the project meeting deadlines and forecasts. To that end, laser levels are used daily as the go-to tool for contractors when referencing plumb, level, and square. PLS self-leveling laser levels are essential tools for laying out your projects to ensure quality, accuracy to spec, and cost savings.

A laser level provides points or lines to layout plumb, level or square reference for most job site tasks within 250 feet. Contractors used to rely on the bubble vial level also known as a “water level” to create a carpenter’s square or the Pythagoras 3-4-5 method for a square layout. Now, with cross-line lasers like the PLS 180, vertical and horizontal lines can be used for a variety of tasks like aligning light fixtures or leveling cabinetry. Need Pythagoras? Use the PLS 5 and with the unique pendulum target, the PLS 480 (also with a universal adapter), you can layout 90-degree angles in a fraction of the time. No more 3-4-5.

How to Use a Laser Level

Most laser levels are self-leveling so the contractor will rest the laser on a flat platform, magnetic bracket,Self leveling laser levels floor stand, or tripod and aim the laser towards the area of the layout. The laser point or line will be visible for most interior applications and the contractor will then mark the point or line to indicate where the material is to be installed. In areas of reduced visibility or longer range, green laser levels or laser detectors can be used to help complete the task. Laser levels drastically improve accuracy and time on the job site by providing a controlled point or line. Consistent checking, measuring, and calculating is replaced with establishing a reference point and setting your laser level to that point.

As construction projects demand greater quality with cost savings and reduced schedule, the need for quick and accurate layout becomes greater. PLS provides the professional with the highest quality laser levels for their point, line, and rotary laser needs.