Pacific Laser Systems laser tools are designed to give contractors the ability to transfer critical layout reference lines and points for any job site task. Built by contractors for contractors, PLS tools were developed out of necessity by professional carpenters with over 50 years of experience in commercial and residential interior and exterior layout.

– Founded in 1990 as Pacific Laser Systems (PLS) in Sausalito, CA (later moved to San Rafael, CA).

– Invented one of the first laser point levels and were the first to market with their five point laser (PLS 5), cross line laser (PLS 2 / PLS 180), and green laser levels in the 1990s and early 2000s.

– Established reputation as “The Professional Standard” for laser levels in the construction market.

In 2015, PLS was acquired by Fluke, a company known for accuracy, reliability, and durability, and moved headquarters to Everett, Washington.

The 2017 – 2018 PLS Laser Level Lineup – Photo taken April 2018 from the Electrical Industry Training Center in Brooklyn, NY.