Best Laser Levels for Plumbing

Plumbers can save time during pipe installation using the PLS laser level plumb points or cross lines. We recommend the PLS 4 as the perfect laser level for indoor plumbing because it combines the plumb points of the PLS 3 and the cross line of the PLS 180.

One of the biggest time savers will be using the PLS 4’s plumb points when installing vertical pipes from the floor to a fixture or ceiling. Eliminate the need for multiple measurements or plumb bobs by simply marking your first point and then aligning the plumb points of the PLS 4 to quickly mark the other point.

The PLS 4’s cross line can help plumbers save time when installing vertical or horizontal piping. Instead of making multiple measurements, determining level by holding up a bubble level, and making multiple marks, simply turn on the PLS 4’s vertical and/or horizontal lines, line it up the desired mark, and begin the layout or installation.